Mindful Freedom - Community Yoga Studio
LEVEL 1 - For the beginner student or the student who prefers a more gentle class.
LEVEL 1-2 - For the student who is progressing from beginner and wants a more challenging class.
LEVEL 2 - For the student who is ready for a more challenging class. Moving at a faster pace and more difficult postures explored.
LEVEL 3 -For the student looking for a fast paced vigorous practice , Vinyasa Flow is a part of this level.
Intro. to Yoga Starting from the foundation and working towards a full Yoga class experience. This class begins to open the body and build strength while developing body awareness.

Continuing/Therapeutic For the Spring & Summer we are combining the Saturday classes. We will begin with therapeutic postures to open the tissue/fascia of the body, continue with mindful movement and working towards developing a personal understanding of your Body. Spend Saturday mornings this Summer getting to know the most important Being......YOU.

 Mixed - For the student who is progressing from beginner and wants a more challenging class. Opens the body and builds strength while developing body awareness.
*Yoga experience necessary.
GentleStudents are introduced to correct and safe postural alignment. Focuses on gentle movement through postures to build strength, improve balance and increase range of motion. Class moves at a slow pace. Body awareness and alignment are the key components of this class.
*Suitable for beginners
Therapeutic Mixed Flow Classes will include Yin Yoga, Yoga Flow, as well as traditional Salutation. Helping to develop a more intimate awareness of your body and build strength and balance.
*Yoga experience necessary.
Mindful Therapeutic Flow- A relaxed, calming practice which uses conscious breath to move the body in a fluid flow. Designed to slow your inner energy and recharge your well being.
 Therapeutic/Yin-Therapy based class moving at a slower pace, targeted for people with special conditions i.e. arthritis, joint issues, fibromyalgia, back conditions and such. Restorative poses will be a part of this class.
*Suitable for beginners
Yoga for Back Care & Scoliosis - A comprehensive approach and teaching to understand yoga poses,  anatomy & breath and how it all relates to a more holistic way of caring for your spine.  
*Suitable for beginners
Chair Yoga & More - A class designed for people with limitations who may feel they cannot practice yoga. This class focuses on building strength using light hand weights and your own body. We are also working towards better balance .Seated and standing postures are all practiced using a chair or at the wall, as permitted by the individual.  Chair yoga can help you to increase flexibility, develop strength, increase lung capacity and improve balance.
*Suitable for beginners

SPECIAL CLASSES HELD AS WORKSHOPS -Text if you are interested 410-900-3381
We will also run a one time class if you have a group of friends and are looking for a night out.

Mindful Yin YogaA quiet practice. Taught with Mindfulness to each individuals abilities. No student will be asked to hold a posture that doesn't suit them. All postures are done on the floor and held longer (1-3 minutes) with muscles relaxed . This allows us to relax the connective tissues of the body i.e. ligaments, tendons & fascia.

Intro. to Meditation - A class designed to introduce & teach students different ways/tools to access a Seated Stillness. Discussion will be part of this class.

Yoga Nidra - A little known yogic practice that means "yogic sleep," the practice of yoga nidra deeply rests and restores participants through guided imagery and deep relaxation. Yoga nidra helps revitalize and restore optimal immune and nervous system function, leading to deep inner peace and healing
Mindfulness Class -Alternating between, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Guided Meditation.  Classes will be a combination of two of these . Allowing the student DEEP relaxation.

Guided Meditation - Guided meditation is a purposeful journey where the imagination is lead, by an outside source, down a mental path for the purpose of mindfulness, relaxation, and problem solving.

Studio is fully equipped with
 mats, blocks, blankets and straps.
 You are welcome to use ours or bring your own. 
Please wear comfortable clothing.
If you need to eat before class, please make it a light snack 
 fruit, nuts, energy bar.
There is water and snacks always available at our studio, no cost.
 This is our way of saying
Thank You!
Jennifer Heinstadt -Director
Mindful Freedom Yoga Studio
317 Main Street Reisterstown
Reisterstown  MD  21136
Text if you are interested 410-900-3381
We need 5 committed students to run a class.
So if you have friends also interested, talk to them.
Shiva Flow-Inspired by Shiva Rea, a dynamic Vinyasa Flow, restoring strength and energy. Enhancing your vitality and sculpting long, lean and strong muscles.
" The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body" -Gabriel Roth
* For the continuing and advanced student.
Intro. to Flow- Learn the fundamental movements and breath connection of basic Vinyasa Flow. This class prepares the student for our Shakti Flow classes.
*Yoga experience necessary.
Kids Yoga- Teaching the fundamentals of yoga to children ages 8-12. Helping them to gain physical strength and flexibility while building confidence and self esteem. This class improves concentration, focus, and awareness by teaching relaxation and stress relief techniques. Children will develop love for oneself inside & out along with a feeling of well-being and respect for others.
Prenatal/Pregnancy Yoga- Practicing prenatal yoga is very beneficial for maintaining physical health and inner harmony. During this time when the body is experiencing constant change, yoga will help you to feel better and be more comfortable through your pregnancy, birth, and recovery, helping you to get the most of this wonderful process.
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