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Mindful Freedom - Community Yoga Studio
    Jennifer Heinstadt
                     RYT  500
Jennifer started her Yoga  journey in 1996. 
 At this time it was part of  a regular fitness program. 
 In 2001, her back  went into seizure.
Not wanting the recommended surgery, she started researching alternative ways to heal herself.  It was on this path she found Yoga for back care.  A regular practice helped with her condition so much, she wanted to share this with others.
She started her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2003 with Moses Brown & Kathleen Hogan. She received her RYT 200 from
 Willow Street Yoga in 2005 training with, Suzie Hurley, Jenny Otto, Moses Brown and Joe Miller.  In this time she also studied with Elise Browning Miller, an expert in Yoga for scoliosis. In 2011 she trained with Paul & Suzie Grilley, studying Yin Yoga.  This training opened her anatomy awareness to a whole new level. In 2012 she studied with Jenny Otto BODY BALANCE YOGA in Therapeutic Yoga, ever expanding her understanding of the Human Body !
Her RYT 500 was put on hold when she became her Mothers caregiver.  Her Mother passed on in 2009, after a year of contemplation, she realized a passion was missing from her life and that was teaching others the benefits of  Yoga..physical, emotional & spiritual.  Helping others to help themselves !
Mindful Freedom Yoga Studio opened its doors in January 2011.  Jennifer's hopes are to provide skilled teaching in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  She graduated her RYT 500 in October of 2013 and became a certified
 Body Balance Yoga Therapy Teacher . Her other studies include Reiki & Reflexology.
Jennifer is a compassionate, enthusiastic teacher who loves to share her knowledge with others.  Her other passions include...organic gardening and animal rescue.
Warms my Being from the inside out  "
      Sandi Rubin
            RYT 500
Sandi discovered Yoga in 1999 while she was suffering from a bout of insomnia.  Her doctor recommenced Yoga & Tia Chi to help still the mind and relax.  Her sleep patterns returned to normal after a continued practice of both Tia Chi and relaxation techniques learned in Yoga.  She became a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant in 2003 but always returned to Yoga during times of stress or when she when she was rehabilitating from an overuse injury.  It was in 2009 that she began  practicing yoga more regularly and began to notice the positive effects it was having on her life.  She started recommending that her clients take Yoga classes in addition to their regular workout routine.  Soon after she began different styles of Yoga and taking classes at various Yoga studios in order to find the style that was right for her.  When she found Therapeutic Yoga she knew she wanted to teach others alternative ways to heal the body.  She completed her 200 hour training at Yama Therapeutics in Baltimore.  Sandi encourages everyone to try Yoga.  It's not about the pose; it's about making the Mind-Body connection and bringing Peace & Harmony into your life; and into the world.

Marisa Cascia
RYT 200

The journey of Yoga began for Marisa in 2010.  With what started as a curious inquiry in the practice of mindfulness and asana, turned quickly into a devoted life practice of continued personal development and selfless service to others.  As a Body Balance Yoga RYT 200 Marisa’s foundation as a teacher was built from the teachings of Jennifer Heinstadt RYT 500, and Jenny Otto founder of Body Balance Yoga. With an emphasis on proper anatomical alignment and awakening kinesthetic sense her classes nurture the mind-body-spirit connection that Yoga unveils. As an avid learner Marisa regularly attends an eclectic mix of workshops and classes to further her education, and future plans include continued exploration in the world of Yoga Therapy. Her other studies include Sound and Energy healing, Permaculture, and Design. It is her hope to share the light of Yoga with all Beings she encounters by inspiring others to realize their personal gifts, as well as embody their most brilliant self.  Her teaching is easily adaptable for any student. With a pocket full of modifications and variations, beginners and experienced practitioners alike can enjoy her slower paced, steady-building classes. Which include breath work, and mantra. She invites you to join her and experience the release of surrendering to the present moment in this embodied self-explorative practice

                       Jill Archer
                 RYT 200

 Jill began doing yoga in 2009, drawn primarily to the stress relief and relaxation that it brought about. After many dedicated years of practicing, she became more and more interested in the holistic benefits that kept her coming back. She began seeking information on different yoga theories, and her research brought her to Jenny Otto, a pioneer in the field of yoga therapy. Jill took one of Jenny’s Body Balance classes, and was awakened to a new side of yoga with vast healing possibilities. It was then that she knew she wanted to bring this light to others.  Jill received her 200 hour RYT from Body Balance in July 2014, and gained an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of yoga. She then began an apprenticeship under Jennifer Heinstadt at Mindful Freedom Studio. Jill is passionate about improving the mind body connection, by developing  strong body awareness and kinesthetic sense to improve the system as a whole.  She believes that most effective practice of yoga comes from finding the right expression of each pose for you, and helps all levels of yogis find this by means of detailed demonstration, individual modification, and innovative use of props. Her sunny disposition and open-minded approach to teaching create a welcoming environment with invigorating results.

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